We Are Committed To Serving Those Who Serve Children

At Machado Law Group, we represent some of the largest, as well as some of the smallest educational institutions in New Jersey. We form a unique partnership with the schools we serve, working with school board members and administrators to find cost-effective solutions to difficult problems and provide practical, clear, and comprehensive legal advice. In our capacity as board counsel, we advise school boards as general counsel, special education counsel, and/or during labor negotiations.

Who We Are

Real people who get life, school districts, and the law.

We have found our clients want to work with real people who really care about their legal matters, think like business owners, and know how to get the job done so they can focus on what matters to the District. Our Team has decades of years of combined experience practicing law, but we also carry with us real-life experiences such as being business owners, executives, teachers, accountants, parents, grandparents, and military family members. We’ve grown up on farms and have lived in big cities, but we are rooted in New Jersey. Our lawyers provide your District with grit, passion, and professionalism.  Call our Team today and work with someone who gets life, school districts, and the law.

How We Work

We Don’t Just Respond to Your Legal Needs, We Anticipate Them

We are specialists in school law and we pride ourselves on developing the most effective and creative solutions to complex legal challenges. You and your District’s needs always come first. Our lawyers listen to ensure your legal needs are met through a proactive approach, but we also look to prevent problems down the road and protect your time and resources. We know you expect us to keep up with the pace of business and we think there is never a legal issue too big to conquer.

We See It Through

We Work With You From Beginning to End

While we work hard to resolve disputes early and amicably when possible, we’re always prepared to take cases to trial. We have a track record of outstanding hearing and trial results. Clients and opponents recognize that our experience and success make us tougher, more effective negotiators at every point in the litigation process.