Practice Areas

General Counsel

Our Education Law Group carries out our commitment by providing personal service to boards of education, fully appreciating demands placed on our clients and need for timely and responsive legal advice. Our attorneys have established reputations for their ability to interact professionally and efficiently with board members, all levels of administration, staff, parents, advocates, adversaries and union representatives. We regularly appear before the Office of Administrative Law and represent boards of education in all judicial and administrative proceedings.

Our personal involvement and interest in our client’s success extends to attending and providing legal advice at public and executive session meetings of the board. Our goal is to maintain the integrity of the public board meeting and the respect of the community, while allowing the board and the administration to be fully informed concerning all areas of Education Law. We assist boards of education in making decisions that are thought-out and well-reasoned, in the best interest of all parties and the operation of the school district.

Our attorneys monitor the rapidly changing laws, advising the board and the administration of any changes impacting the current policy and advising of necessary action and policy modification, if any.

Our firm has chosen to limit our practice to the representation of school districts. Our attorneys do not represent individuals, employees or parents in suits against any school district. Our commitment to public education is clear and unmistakable.

In-Service Programs

Conducting workshops and in-service programs is an integral part of the services we provide to our school districts.

Workshops we have conducted include:

  • Board member rights and responsibilities;
  • Procedural safeguards with respect to special education students;
  • Due process and mediation;
  • The role of the paraprofessional;
  • Student residency issues; and,
  • Contract administration, tenure, seniority, and reductions-in-force.


We provide collective bargaining agreement interpretation/administration and represent the board responding to and defending grievances. We advise school administrators of all potential risks and liabilities regarding adverse employment actions (i.e., tenure charges, increment withholding, transfers, terminations, non-renewals and RIFs).

Our attorneys serve as the chief spokesperson for Boards of Education in the negotiations of collective bargaining agreements. By reviewing and assessing the impact of each labor contract, we successfully negotiate reductions in labor costs by removing costly and inefficient provisions.

Special Education

Our Education Law Group is intimately familiar with the IDEIA and Title 6A of the New Jersey Administrative Code. Our attorneys represent boards of education in all aspects of due process petitions regarding the educational placement of children with disabilities.

Our attorneys are advocates for the amicable resolution of these disputes. We encourage and embrace the value of IEP meetings and mediations with all interested parties. We firmly believe it serves everyone’s interest to work out matters without the use of the judicial process. Unfortunately, mediation does not always succeed. In those cases, we are fully prepared to defend our client’s interest in litigation.

Our attorneys have litigated numerous special education cases before the Office of Administrative Law, Superior Court of New Jersey (including the Appellate Division) and the Federal District Court.